Lester the Ex-Tenderpaw

Enemy of Sloan


May try to stir up trouble with Sloan at Lockhaven.


After the Patrol had defeated the Turtle in Grasslake, Lester talked with Kyle about Sloan being unfit for the Mouse Guard. Lester convinced Kyle to distrust Sloan due to her breaking her solemn marriage vows, until Nathaniel found Agatha, Lester’s sister. Agatha revealed that Lester had cheated on Sloan, invalidating the vows that Sloan and Lester had made.

Sloan then proceeded to attack Lester with Nathaniel and Kyle’s help, humiliating Lester with a well placed kick to the testes from a jilted fiancĂ©e in front of a drunken crowd in Grasslake.

Lester the Ex-Tenderpaw

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