Mouse Guard

The Frying Pan

It seems that Senator Dominic was bitten by a giant Wolf Spider and his life was in the hands of our heroes. Two patrols headed out from Lockhaven on Gwendolyn’s orders to deliver anit-venin to the healers of Shorestone. With the blazing sun beating down upon them, Thom and Sadie searched for short cuts while Kyle, Saxon and Lieam trudged ahead. Despite thunder and terrible humidity, Lieam kept us all focused and the weather stood no chance against our company’s determination. Both patrols managed to make it safely to the border of Shorestone.

While camping for the night, all were awakened to the smell of fire. The hedge-rows were ablaze and with only quick-wit, somewhat haphazard planning and Sadie’s impeccable knowledge of tree roots were the Mouse Guard able to fight their way past the daunting flames. The anti-venin delivered, the Guard took in dinner and drink with the locals. Thom gave a rousing speech about Sadie’s abilities and recommended her to take his position as Leader. Kyle was suspicious, but had to admit that Sadie may be fit for the job.

With Saxon leading the way, the combined Patrol then headed to the old stone bridge just outside of town. There they had hoped to find the Wolf Spider responsible for attacking the Senator. Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed as every attempt they made to locate the spider was thwarted. A trail was spotted that pointed to a large egg sack being maneuvered toward the wood. Sadie’s extensive root knowledge once again lead the group in the right direction. While hiding in a nearby bush, scouting the entrance to a large underground nest, our indefatigueable party was beset upon by Wolf Spiders. Thom was struck first but our warriors managed to fend of the beasts injuring or killing a few. Thom, so close to retirement, is tired out when having to face yet another battle.

Upon entering the cavern, Lieam’s knowledge of hidey-holes proved invaluable and the group was able to wipe out all of the spiders save one. Sadie became very angry when her herb knowledge failed to save the life of a lone mouse found dying and bound in web. Saxon bravely dove into the lair of the Spider-King where he was immediately given a choice: leave or be eaten! Saxon thrust his sword into the monster but his blade was deflected. Kyle and Lieam both tried, in vain, to injure the King. The King escaped and Saxon has declared him a sworn enemy.


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