Mouse Guard


Monsters and whores

Three Mouse Guard members start out in Grasslake to work on the perimeter for the year. Harold, the Brewer, asks for their help as a large monster is attacking the town proper. It seems a large turtle has settled into the area between the bakery and the brewery for a rest after having destroyed much of the surrounding buildings. With quick thinking, and a lack of locals knowledgeable about amphibians, the guard fills a wagon full of food and beer and manages to lure the beast back down to the barely recognizable dock. The wagon is hoisted into the water and the turtle follows. It seems that the turtle was just trying to defend its nest of eggs that a small child had been playing near earlier in the day.

A sinister man, Lester, tries to besmirch Sloan’s name during a duel of wits with Kyle. He claims that Sloan left him at the alter and, not being a mouse of her word, is unfit for the guard. Kyle has to concede that Sloan may not be trustworthy but the jilted man, Lester, has to concede that Kyle is not responsible for ousting Sloan from the guard.

Nathaniel finds the jilted man’s sister and discovers that Sloan left him after walking in on him with a prostitute, full fur on fur. Sloan’s name is cleared and she is able to best him in a short physical confrontation with the help of Nathaniel and Kyle.

Grasslake is safe, for now…


I threw some character hyper-links in there and added Lester the Ex-Tenderpaw’s name a few times.


Oh, and congratulations! Kyle has recovered one point of Nature Tax.

joelwatkins joelwatkins

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